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Our Mission

Seniors Service Network is founded on real life encounters coupled with candid contributions collected from seniors who have experience at this stage of life. Our varied assist level  packages are based on expressed needs by seniors for seniors who wish to maintain some degree of independence. Additionally, we offer a presence in situations to prevent our potentially vulnerable clients from being misguided or 

taken advantage of. 

All of our service packages offer a free one hour initial consultation.

We look forward to meeting with you!

Our Client Base

Clients who benefit from our services include:

  • Seniors who wish to remain in their homes that require assistance with daily living.
  • Seniors who wish to transition to a retirement home.
  • Seniors who wish to transition from their home to a smaller residence.
  • Families of seniors who are unable to be present to offer assistance with daily living for the seniors in their life.
  • Families making decisions to transition seniors to alternate living accommodations.

Our Service Standard

We have established relationships with facilities as well as care and service providers, stipulating our expected first-class standard of care for the clients that we represent.

In the rare instance that this standard of care or our client’s expectations have been compromised, we engage in issue resolution on their behalf.

Our Signature Package

Our signature package is our 

Retirement Home Selection System”.

One of the most significant events for seniors, is the transition from residence to retirement home. It appears to be an uncomplicated procedure however, in order to make the most efficient, suitable choice, numerous factors require consideration.

Seniors Service Network has established a system to streamline the process allowing you to make intelligent decisions.

We have personally visited and reviewed all facilities in your region.  Additionally we have observed and communicated with residents to gather feedback on their own experiences.

Our system matches your current and future needs with the most suitable facilities according to your budget, in turn minimizing your costs, hours of research and site visit time.

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